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Re: Two Spreadsheet Questions

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Thank you all for your responses to the questions. The first one - finding 
the minimum value of all numbers greater than zero received one response from 
Microsofts Excel Newsgroup help team. Here is the solution I received for 
your education and mine:


Since this is an array formula, you must press Ctrl+Shift+Enter rather than 
just Enter when you first enter the formula and whenever you edit it later. --
Chip Pearson 
Microsoft MVP - Excel 

Another way I learned to deal with this is to clear all additional values 
rather than set them to zero. In the averaging or minium functions, a cleared 
value will be ignored by these two functions.

I'll pass along the solution to the charting problem as soon as I receive a 
reply. This one is unusual since I have one spreadsheet that lists the input 
values the same (start and end point are the same and all other points 
outside the model are at the origin). In one spreadsheet the origin is 
neglected and only the points defining the limits of the building are shown, 
while on the other spreadsheet, the last point is connected to the origin. 
Makes me think that there is a setting someplace to ignore the origine or 
values set to zero.

As soon as I get an answer, I'll pass it on.

Thanks again for everyone's help.