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RE: Duct Saddle Support

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>SMACNA does not provide
>formulas or criteria for the design of the saddle; Roark's 'Formulas for
>Stress and Strain' would be a good starting point.
There's an excellent paper by L. P. Zick titled (appropriately enough) 
'Stresses in Large Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Vessels on two Saddle 
Supports,' which might serve. It's a standard reference for pressure 
vessels and goes into detail on the load paths and structural response. 
The paper appeared in The Welding Journal Research Supplement in 
Spetember, 1951 and was reprinted in 'Pressure Vessel and Piping Design - 
Collected Papers 1927-1959' published by the ASME and in 'Design of Plate 
Structures- Steel Plate Engineering Data-Volume 2 ' published by the AISI 
Committee of Steel Plate Producers. 

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