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There may be two versions out there, one for NT and one for Win95/98.  I
believe the Win95/98 version may not come with a driver installation file
"hlinst" you need to executed initially which tells the program to look for
the hardware lock in a NT environment. Without it the program will be
limited to a demo version.  It is possible that the program come with both
operation system versions in a standard package when your office purchased
it a few years ago.  

Please see Section 5.1 of the Release 21W, Getting Started and Examples
Manual, for the hardware lock driver installation command.  Good luck.
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> The company I work for has STAAD version 21W because they haven't felt the
> need to upgrade yet because we use it just for loadings (moments, shear,
> torsion, etc) and we design each section by hand to meet code.  The
> problem is that I can't get it to recognize the hardware lock with Windows
> NT 4.0 as the operating system.  It works just fine with Windows95.  Is
> there anyone else out there that has a version this old that can help me?
> Chris Towne