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Hm. I just had a thought. REI has a history of wanting to "slap the cuffs on" anyone who doesn't have a current maintenance/support agreement (i.e. isn't paying $700 or whatever per seat to them so they can continue developing the bug fixes...ER!!!! the software).
They may have heartburn about helping you out in any way, even to obtain hardware lock device drivers for NT.
You will probably have to either get the drivers from someone else (and then figure out how to install them, which may not be exactly intuitive), or just resign yourself to running STAAD on Windows 9x.
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You require software drivers for the lock that will run under NT.
Contrary to what MS would have you believe, Windows 9x is still pretty much DOS-based, and doesn't provide the "rock solid" system integrity that Windows NT does (well, relatively speaking, anyhow).
Therefore, you can still finagle Windows 9x to allow software to directly access the system hardware. Windows NT doesn't allow this, so "weird" devices like hardware locks must have drivers that Windows NT can work with. Otherwise, NT will not allow the hardware to communicate with the rest of the system.

FWIW, we have used STAAD for some time now with NT. It is much more stable than under Windows 9x (doesn't crash QUITE as often), and we have no problem using it with the specially-written NT hardware lock drivers.
Contact Research Engineers, Inc., for more information.
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The company I work for has STAAD version 21W because they haven't felt the need to upgrade yet because we use it just for loadings (moments, shear, torsion, etc) and we design each section by hand to meet code.  The problem is that I can't get it to recognize the hardware lock with Windows NT 4.0 as the operating system.  It works just fine with Windows95.  Is there anyone else out there that has a version this old that can help me?
Chris Towne