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Under NT, any program requiring a parallel port hardware lock requires that a driver be installed so that NT can "read" the lock.  This is a "feature" of NT's security and has nothing to do with STAAD.
Look for a program in your STAAD directory (or on the installation disks) called HLINST.EXE.  This is a command line executable file that will install the HARDLOCK.VXD device driver so that NT can read the lock.
I know that the above is correct for later versions of STAAD (22w and later), but I think it is applicable to 21W as well.
Good luck
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The company I work for has STAAD version 21W because they haven't felt the need to upgrade yet because we use it just for loadings (moments, shear, torsion, etc) and we design each section by hand to meet code.  The problem is that I can't get it to recognize the hardware lock with Windows NT 4.0 as the operating system.  It works just fine with Windows95.  Is there anyone else out there that has a version this old that can help me?
Chris Towne