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Re: WELDING: Inspection of Plug Welds in Primary Member Connections

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Out of curiosity, what are you using a plug weld for that can't accommodate a
high strength bolt ?  We generally stay away from plug welds.  The only times
I've seen plug welds is at the bottom flange of an existing girder where an
anchor bolt for an old bearing was removed and replaced with anchor bolts
outside of the flange to accomodate a different type of bearing.  NYSDOT
restricts it use (i.e. not at fracture critical members, or with  quenched and
tempered steel).  On a railroad bridge I inspected, a crack developed at the
plug weld (retrofit condition, not original) used at this location (but that was
probably also due to the fact that the existing steel wasn't the most weldable
material around).

Do you need the sections from AWS D1.5 pertaining to plug welds?  There are only
a few, I can send them to you if you want.  They don't appear to require any
tests unless you deviate from the WPS provided.

You can also email AWS at "chuck(--nospam--at)"  and ask them a question directly.
Sometimes they are helpful, sometimes they are not.

Sorry, I can't be any more helpful.


"Bill Polhemus" <polhemus(--nospam--at)> on 10/14/99 12:51:13 PM

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Subject:  WELDING: Inspection of Plug Welds in Primary Member Connections

QUERY: What is the required method of inspection for "plug welds" under the
requirements of the Bridge Welding Code (AWS D1.5)?

Thank you.