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Wind loading

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Consider a solid wall, with perpendicular wind. ASCE 7 tells us how to
calculate wind pressures. So far, so good.

Now, let's place an open structure 10 feet in front of the wall, parallel to
the wall. The open structure consists of columns, beams & braces and has
ties to the wall. The wind is still perpendicular. How do you calculate wind
loads on both wall and open structure? ASCE 7 does not address this

Let's further complicate things by placing vessels, platforms, and piping in
the 10 foot space between the open structure and the wall. 

What is the best method to assess the wind loading on open structure,
equipment and wall without being overly conservative? How do you account for
shielding? Are there any published articles that address this situation?
Your thoughts will be much appreciated.


Gabe Bohm
San Dimas, California