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Re: Wind loading

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>>>I'm sure you folks have seen this.  I went to this seminar one time
where the
speaker was talking about retrofitting a medium height building (I believe
+/- storeys) in NYC.  The original plans contain one drawing which shows
lateral load resistance system consisting of the adjacent buildings.  The
speaker then showed a picture of the building today with NO adjacent
I thought that was funny.<<<

The scary part is that it is possible that the building still complied with
the NYC building code.  The 1996-1997 NYC Building Code only requires a 25
psf design wind pressure between 100 and 300 feet in height..  There is no
increase in load for buildings located next to the river that are not

It is my understanding that in the not too distant past the code specified
design pressures were even less.

The saving grace is that most pracitcing engineers in NYC understand that
these loads are low and so they use ASCE 7 to calculate wind pressures

Mark Gilligan