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RE: 7.0 Landers Aftershock

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The quake woke me up this morning in Phoenix, AZ.  My  wife wanted to know
if our house was designed good enough for earthquakes.

Paul F. Blomberg

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Subject: 7.0 Landers Aftershock
Date: Saturday, October 16, 1999 3:51AM

The news is reporting a series of earthquakes begining with a 6.6 aftershock
of the Landers quake begining around 2:46AM this morning. Almost immediately
after, the high desert and the Coachella valley (low desert) in the 760 area
code, was hit with a 7.0 after shock. Within the next hour there was a
of after shocks around between 2.4 and 4.5 in magnitude.

The epicenter has been reported by Cal Tech as 32 miles north of Joshua Tree
and Yucca Valley. Joshua Tree area is not highly populated, however, there
a concentration in the towns of Yucca Valley.

The quake lasted a little over 30 seconds and was a strong rolling quake.
Those who are calling in from the area (Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La
have reported no structural type damage - although it is still very early to
tell, but I would not expect much. There is no power outages reported -
although I have not checked the scanners.

If there is damage in the town of Joshua Tree or Yucca Valley that requires
the help of local engineers to assess damage, I would suggest that anyone
has contacts with the emergency response teams relay the message to the list
and provide a contact for us to call.

I will keep the list updated as reports come in. This is not very friendly
occur when some of us insomniac's just fall asleep:o)

Dennis S. Wish PE