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USGS Updated Bay Area EQ Probabilities Report

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"Only fools, charlatans and liars predict earthquakes."  -- Charles Richter


"The greatest lesson of life is that even fools are right sometimes."
                                                                                    -- Winston Churchill

Bay Area Quake Forecast:

And now for the quake forecast by Seymour Phaltz:  Continued earthquake weather for the foreseable future between 2000 and 2030.  70 percent chance of shaking [Little Big Ones (M 6.7) to Big Ones (M 7.0 and greater)] in the evening hours, heavy at URM and nonductile concrete times.  Could be particularly heavy along the Hayward, San Andreas and parts of the Calaveras.  Partial clearing of rubble by midmorning.  And better take those boots!  If you're sticking your head in the sand, Liquefaction is expected again in the East Bay, Marina District, and San Jose.  And don't forget that umbrella either--we're expecting unusually heavy downpour again from multistory wood frame apartments with tuckunder parking and poor construction quality.  According to the National Quake Service, Quakes can strike-slip twice in the same place, so stay away from tall buildings or unsafe structures that may fall on you.  Have a Nice Day!  And, hey, be careful out there!  More body bags and film at 11 ( + 10% ).

FLASH!   This just in!  The Bay Bridge, still under discussion as to the cutest way to rebuild it.  Well, you know.  . . .  Take alternate routes until further notice.

James Bela
Oregon Earthquake AwarenessTM  /  The Quake NorthwestTM
"We Have Nothing To Fear But Shear Itself"  /  "We're All Subducting In This Together"

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