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Re: UCBC (UCEB) Open Forum - October 25

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Dennis Wish responded to my previous email directly.  I didn't notice this
and responded to him thinking it was going to the whole listserver.  I was
beginning to wonder why I didn't get a return notice.  Dennis, I hope you
don't mind me including your email at the bottom of this email as I have to
run and don't want to wait until Monday to send my response.

The ICBO web site address where the UCBC (or UCEB) can be found is as

The Appendix Chapters can be found under the heading 2000 UCEB/UCBC.

The place to send your comments about any of the Appendix Chapter is to
Jack Laws, Chair of the Existing Building Committee.
SDE.SF(--nospam--at)WORLDNET.ATT.NET.   Jack will either look at the comments or pass
them on to someone who is responsible for each chapter.   If you need a fax
number, let me know.  The Existing Building committee did not work on
anything but Appendix Chapters 1, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Traveling to these meetings is always the problem.  We had a hearing on the
UCBC earlier this year in Southern California and not a sole came.  We are
having the meeting up in Northern California this time because several
individuals we know have comments are in the San Francisco Bay Area and
will attend.

It is unfortunate that there is relatively little advance notice given for
these meetings.  Part of the problem is that the traditional places for
giving notice for these meetings don't seem to reach many engineers.  Thats
why I tried this listserver.  The changeover to the IBC has created some
uncertainties that make scheduling tough.  For awhile it was not clear
whether there would be a 2000 UCBC or a 2000 ICBC (or whatever they would
call it).  As it is, the UCBC has to work with the 1997 UBC and 2000 IBC.
Some of that stuff still needs to be worked out in the draft copies on the
web.  The whole code cycle process is pretty amazing when you realize that
proposals for a document that will be called 2001 UCEB Supplement are due
on November 1 this year.

We do want to hear from engineers.  Even if you can only read one appendix
chapter and provide comments that would be great.  Chapters are less than
10 pages.  The types of comments we need are specific ones, not "add
something about rigid diaphragms."    If you want to draft your
recommendation in the code change format, thats great.

By the way, I believe there is a plan to eventually provide commentaries
with these chapters.  Some chapters already have draft commentaries, some
don't (lack of person power).   Those will need review and comment in the
future too.

Dave McCormick

Seaintonln(--nospam--at) on 10/16/99 04:50:02 PM

 To:      David L. McCormick/EQE                              
 Subject: Re: UCBC (UCEB) Open Forum - October 25             

I passed up the post because it required travel to the forum which is out
the question for many of us. However, I would be interested in reviewing
drafts and commenting on them if this is possible.
As with the Blue Book draft and the information gathered from the UBC, much
of the comments received by Seismology were in the form of letters and
- more so than physical participation at the meeting. In fact, the audiance
at the August 13th Seismology committee was not really given much chance to
express themselves. I think we are learning from this now.

Posting the draft and letting the group review it is a good thing. It may
have come early enough to allow many of us interested to fit it into our
schedules. I know that I am interested, but don't see that I will be able
accomplish much due to my work schedule this week, possible calls in the
Barstow area (or locally) and committments made to Volume II of the ICBO
Design Manual. Still, I think that many out there will want to participate
email or fax if allowed.

Please post the exact address of the draft for easier download and an email
address to respond to.

Thank you,
Dennis S. Wish PE

In a message dated 10/16/1999 3:57:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time, DLM(--nospam--at)

<< The following message was sent to the list server previously and as far
 I know, it generated no discussion and Jack Laws has received no
 The UCBC is a  important document and includes Appendix Chapters for
 retrofitting existing buildings as follows:

 Appendix Chapter 1:      URM
 Appendix Chapter 5:      Flexible Diaphragm - Reinforce Concrete or
 Walls (Tilt-ups)
 Appendix Chapter 6:      Cripple Wall - Residential
 Appendix Chapter 7:      Wood Soft Story
 Appendix Chapter 8:      Reinforced Concrete

 The draft UCBC is on the icbo website.  This is one of those times that
 code writers are soliciting input and trying to facilitate discussion, and
 nothing is happening.  I am sending this email again in case someone

 Dave McCormick. >>