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Re: 7.0 Landers Aftershock

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I'm not arguing the point  - hope you don't think that. I am under the 
impression that the "zones" are divided by the occurances of earthquakes 
which have caused damage in the past. Chicago experienced an earthquake 
around 1969 which originated in the Ozarks. I was in college at Carbondale 
Illinois at the time and watched chimineys collapse from homes on campus. 
Carbondale is 400 miles south of Chicago. No damage was reported in the 
Chicago area and I believe they are still classified as a Zone 0 area. 
Carbondale (if I can read the map properly) is classified as a zone 2a or 3 
area (very near the Kentucky/Missouri border).

I think that if you don't associate a change in code methodology with the 
occurance of damage that you fight an uphill battle with the rest of the 
building industry that resists these efforts. I have had a great deal of 
experience fighting politics based on trying to simply bring conventional 
framing standards up to a minimum engineered solution - something very 
similar to what you suggest.

With that said, I offer you whatever services the SEA International Network 
can provide to help unite SEA and other organizations worldwide to address 
and resolve these types of issues. Maybe it means making the information 
available and bringing those who can impliment change together.