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SEAint Online - need help from the virtual community.

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For those of you who have been following SEA International Online - a 
quarterly published professional publication, you probably noticed that I am 
past due on this current issue which should have been published two months 
The fact is, I have been inundated with the new code provisions, late on 
committements to get projects out of my office and hell-bent on completing 
the 97 UBC Spreadsheet that I started in July. 

It is starting to appear that there is very little available time between now 
and the end of the year - yet I have committed to companys to review 
software, produce tutorials, and summarizes the list topics for publication.

Rather than let those who might pay for advertising space down, I have 
decided to make Online an electronic publication and to release it in the 
form of a Website on the SEA International server.  There are some main 
advantages to publishing on the INternet - most of which is that new articles 
can be released when finished rather than held to await a publication date. 
This means more information brought to the community faster and more 
frequently. This encourages more frequent visits to the SEAINT Website to see 
what information is posted by committee or profession and what new features 
have been added that might be of special interest to engineers.

For those who are not aware, this is a publication for a non-profit 
organization and all work that goes into it is volunteer as is any other 
committee. So far, all advertising money and a portion of the SEAOSC budget 
has been used to print and distribute paper copies of the journal. An 
Electronic publication will cut the cost considerably and still provide a 
service to the community. Those who participate are volunteers and Online is 
treated very much like any other committee.

Maybe I should have put this in very small fine print at the end of the post, 
but better to let you all know now so there is no misunderstanding.

I need help, lots of help. I need help to design the site from those 
individuals or groups with experience in Web publishing. I need help from 
those with writting skills and those who have good communication skills and 
are willing to submit work for publication or who are willing to write 
tutorials and software reviews. I also need help for individuals willing to 
summarze list threads and prepare them for publication. I need help from 
those willing to compile lists of Internet resources, links, publications, 
information tracking from other organizations and more. I want to make these 
links available to those who could benifit from it.

We often get leads on the List for websites and publications that are of 
special interest. I find that I cut and paste these as shortcuts into 
numerouse folders sitting on my Windows desktop (or save them as favorites). 
I often forget what the link is for and have to physically visit them to 
reevaluate them for publishing. I need help from writters who want to review 
these sites and report on them. This is a very hot issue with new sites 
occuring every day.
I have received tons of software (well maybe not "tons") and have must start 
getting some of these reviews finished. Some have sat so long that they are 
outdated by the time I get to them and this is not good.  So far, I have a 
CAD review that was slated to be published at the end of the year. I have 
also been working with Muli-Frame 4D and am ready to complete a review on 
this. I need help from those who can review software and submit written 
reviews AND help with the website. 

Some of the software awaiting review are:
Visio Technical 5.0 (submitted by Visio)
Visio Intellicad (submitted by Visio)
IMSI Visual Cadd 3.0 (submitted by IMSI)
IMSI Turbo CAdd (submitted by IMSI)
IMSI ORG Plus (submitted by IMSI)
MathCadd Professional 2000 (personal registered version)
AutoCad Architectual Desktop Release 2 (personal registered version)
MultiFrame 4D (Submitted by Formation Design Systems)
Daystar Software Retaining wall and masonry design software
Autodesk Velo View Express
Smartsketch 1.0 (limited evaluation copy received)
STRAP (limited evaluation copy received)
ICBO 97 UBC Collection on CD -Rom (submitted by ICBO)
ICBO Report Collection on CD-Rom (submitted by ICBO)
Voice Recognition Software
Review of hardware products - digital cameras, projectors, PDA's, Cell 
Phones, Satilite communication devices,  and more that are useful to the 
engineeirng community. I think you can see how large a project this is. 

I personally believe that this satisfies an important need by the members of 
our profession and will receive great appreciation in the long run. However, 
it is too much for one person to do alone. I need help.

I want to assemble a team. I don't know where else to go for the help but to 
our 15,000 virtual  members. If I consider that 99.5% are not interested, 
then there are still 75 of you out there who are willing to participate. Even 
if there are only 0.1% or 15 of you willing to participate we can start 
accomplishing this task.


(Useful Guilt Technique)

If you are willing to help - I need honest committements rather than well 
intentions - please write me privately and I will place you on my list and we 
canget down to business.

For those who have read and supported Online for the last seven or eight 
years - I thank you for your support and hope that we can bring this journal 
to a new level. 

For those of you interested in participating:

1. You do not have to be an SEA member to participate
2. You do not have to be a PE to participate (:students with available time" 
(an oxymoron?) are welcome )
3. You don't have to live in California - this is a world wide venture not a 
local feature.
4. You don't have to attend any meetings (we do everything virtually).
5. You can work at home, in your office or in the back seat of your car if it 
suits you.
6. You get to play with some great new software (sorry - only those who 
devoted the time required to seriously use and review a product).
7. You do have to be serious about active participation since we intend to 
publish the site. 

All who contribute are credited properly on the site. Authors receive full 
credit for their work and will also have a brief biography at the end of each 
article written. 

Please help us get this publication rolling. I think we will all enjoy and 
benifit from its creation.

Contact me privately at:  <A HREF="SEAINTOnln(--nospam--at)">SEAINTOnln(--nospam--at)</A> 

I look foreward to working with you on this project.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
Editor SEAINT Online