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RE: Use Java for Automated Calc Sheets?

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JAVA is very similar to C++ with a number of simplifications and safety
features added. Many Windows apps are written in it using special API's that
are not useable for Internet applets, unfortunately. Nevertheless, if you
are interested in JAVA applets there are a lot if them available on the web.
Check out for starters. They have a number of applets
including engineering applets.

There are other options, however. Two languages are VBSCRIPT and JAVASCRPIPT
(JSCRIPT in MS IE). Both are part of the HTL page and, with one exception,
are available for viewing by the user. VBSCRIPT can be written to execute on
the server as server side script using ASP - Active Server Pages. In this
case only the results of the calculation are downloaded to the browser.

If you want to protect your source code you need to use ASP or other server
side application. This is usually faster also since less information is sent
to the browser.