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UBC shearwall reinf.

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In UBC 1921.6.5.2 the shear capacity of a wall is based on rho(n). In
the beginning of section 1921, rho(n) is defined as the shear
reinforcement PERPENDICULAR to plane of Acv. In this same section Acv is
defined as the net area bounded by the web thickness and length of
section in direction of shear force considered. I would interpret Acv as
a section through the wall in plan. Therefore, rho(n) would be defined
as the vertical reinforcement? (perpendicular to Acv plane) The
horizontal reinforcement is typically designed as the shear
reinforcement and this is specifically called out in numerous texts
including PCA's seismic design book. Am I reading the UBC definition of
rho(n) incorrectly?

thank you,