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RE: ANSI/AWS D1.1-96

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If you have an older version of D1.1, see Table 2.2 ('94 version). It is
essentially unchanged since the big change of 1988, when low-hydrogen
electrodes or the use of preheat changed the provisions from being based
upon "thickness of thicker part" to "thickness of base metal" (thinner if
low-hy or preheat is used). The statement about "need not exceed thickness
of thinner part" is there, as a note **, without reference to use of preheat
except for governing thickness, but then again, AWS requires preheat
elsewhere. Note that these requirements are different than AISC Table J2.4,
(AISC does not recognize benefits of preheat or low-hy electrodes) and you
have to decide which governs your project.

Bob Shaw

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Subject: ANSI/AWS D1.1-96

Could someone who has a copy of ANSI/AWS D1.1-96 possibly forward a summary
of the requirements from Table 5.8 regarding minimum fillet weld size?  I am
particularly interested in whether the '96 code includes the statement that
the minimum fillet weld size need not exceed the thickness of the thinner
part joined, provided that proper preheat is applied.

Thanks in advance,

Nina Sickler, P.E.

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