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Re: A question about evaluating an existing wood structure

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One thing you can check, if you can inspect the members,  is any grade
markings on the joists.  The most common grade of joists for the size you
have is Douglas Fir-Larch #2 or better.  This may be stamped "DF#2" or
equivalent.  Or you may see DF#1 which is commonly used for commercial
structures.  You didn't say where the structure is, but DF is common in the
western states.  By your domain name, I guess you may be from the Michigan
area.  I don't know what the common grade is in that area.   When you have
the grade, use the design procedures in NDS (National Design Specification)
for Wood Construction 1997 to determine the allowable loads.

Ed Haninger
Fluor Daniel
Aliso Viejo, Calif.

We have an existing wood structure that the architect wants to change the
roofing on.  We need to evaluate the existing wood members for the new
loading.  The roof framing is 2x8 @ 16 oc with the longest span of about
13'-6".  The existing drawings don't specify the wood grade or
........  Any suggestions or
input would be greatly appreciated.