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97 UBC Lateral force on elements of structures

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Section 1632.2 of 97 UBC gives two formulas for calculating the total
lateral force --- (32-1)  and alternatively, (32-2). Using the second
formula we need to determine hx, which by definition is the element or
component attachment elevation w/ respect to grade (hx>=0). A recent
discussion in our office yielded three different values for hx when
designing an exterior masonry wall: 
1. hx = 0

2. hx = 0.5 * wall height

3. hx = wall height.

notice that ap/Rp per table 16-o is 1/3 in this case, differences betw
32-1 and 32-2 are:

1. 4.0 vs 1/3
2. 4.0 vs 5/6
3. 4.0 vs 4/3

since code also states Fp>= 0.7 Ca Ip Wp, it seems that choice 1 is out,
and #3 is the most conservative. 

Any discussions is highly appreciated.

Sam Young
CBH Consulting Engineers


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