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RE: The Hector Mine Earthquake, 10/16/1999

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Appendix E of API 650 has seismic information on sloshing. It is the tank
height & diameter that control most of the sloshing.  Other agencies use the
same information for seismic design in their publications. What might have
generated the ground motion hence the sloshing is a real good question.
Seems like a long way for this seismic phenomena to travel.
Bob Hanson

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> I have a question that maybe someone could help me with.  I work at a
> plant
> in Louisiana.  Approx. 2 hours after the Hector earthquake, we registered
> sloshing in two of our larger water tanks.  None of our seismic
> instrumentation registered anything at that time, and it was properly
> working.  We have checked in our area (heavily industrialized), and there
> were no reports to the sheriff of any explosions, etc.  
> Is it possible that these large tanks of water could have "registered"
> some
> of the vibrations from the Hector earthquake?
> It does not seem likely, but I am being pestered with questions from our
> operators, and I really don't know what to tell them.
> Thanks,
> Greg Ferguson
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