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Re: Connection Responsibility

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This is funny.  On alternate days a whole bunch of engineers are
complaining about low fees, respect, recognition, etc.  Then the rest of
the time they write specifications making sure that no matter what
happens, it's not their fault.  Make up your minds, guys, you can't have
it both ways.

In my little specialty area, I've chosen the old "master builder"
concept.  A large portion of my business involves dealing with existing
steel joist systems.  Often I'm called into a building undergoing
expansion, re-use, remodel, etc.  Whenever appropriate, I negotiate (key
word here) for a design-build contract, with the engineer (that's me) as
the prime, not the contractor.  I take full responsibility for dealing
with whatever comes up, and give the owner a simple letter at the end
that states, in essence, "your building can now safely support the loads
we agreed upon."  Single source responsibility and accountably, which
the owner loves.  And in exchange for putting my neck on the line, I
charge a fee that I love.

If you've got the guts, it's great fun.  And if you don't, then don't
complain about the fees.