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Re: Steel Certification

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>  I have some material labeled A4142 grade M2FA in a submittal. 
>  Being from a primarily ASTM frame of mind, this is greek to me. 
>  Is it ASME, SAE, top secret classified? 
>  What exactly is the material ?  It is submitted for an assembly that 
>contains steel eye bolts and Copper grounds 
>  fwiw: It should be for Airfield tie downs and aircraft groundings, but 
>with this contractor, we never know . . . 
I'd be real careful about this. AISI type 4142 is available under the 
common ASTM bolting material specifications, but only for strictly 
controlled heat treatment ranges. You can get very high yield and 
ultimate strengths, but it will cost you toughness and weldability. If it 
were me I'd tell the supplier to provide certs to comply with ASTM A-193 
or other bolting spec. I've been bitten seriously ordering steel with 
indeterminate or unknown heat treatment by well-intentioned suppliers who 
really don't know what they're selling. The only defense is to know what 
you're buying.

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