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Re: OSSPAC Resolution to Recommend Seismic Zone 4 for Entire Oregon Coast: Part 2

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sasquake wrote:


Resolution to Recommend Seismic Zone 4 for the Entire Oregon Coast

September 14, 1999

WHEREAS OSSPAC's mission is to reduce exposure to earthquake hazards in Oregon by developing and influencing policy at the state level, and


NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that OSSPAC recommends to the Administrator of the Building Codes Division that the entire coastal region of Oregon be designated as Uniform Building Code Seismic Zone 4,*  as an interim measure until the State adopts the IBC as the Code.

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"The problem you have in most places is that they are not prepared for disasters.  In places like Tennessee and Missouri [and Oregon and the Pacific Northwest], they aren't ready for the kind of earthquake that occurred there in 1812 [and in the Pacific Northwest in 1700].  You can't retrofit every building, of course, because it's too expensive.  My feeling is that when you do build a new structure, build it the right way, and graduallly the old structures will be replaced by safer ones.  Don't wait for the earthquake to happen."
                                                                              -- George Housner
                                                                                  ASCENEWS 21, 8  Sept. 96
                                                                                  Housner, "Father of Earthquake Engineering,"                                   
                                                                                  Leads ASCE's Disaster Mitigation Conference

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