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Fwd: Superstructures media opportunity

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Attention SEAINT:

Can  YOU HELP  ???????????

Here's a great opportunity to let the public know what structural engineers 

IF YOU HAVE VIDEO  Please   please contact the individuals in the attached 
message  AT ONCE.

Bob  Johnson
Public Advocacy Commitee 
203 North  Wabash
Chicago,  IL  60601

The time has come


--- Begin Message ---
Dear Robert,
[I was referred to you by Gaye at ACEC-Illinois who said you may be able to
help with this excellent national media opportunity or point me in a good

DISCOVERY SCIENCE CHANNEL producer Elizabeth Olson (703-299-0774,
elizolson(--nospam--at) seeks film footage (beta format, SP) of
construction-related activity of tall buildings to use in an episode of
DISCOVERY's weekly "Science Live!" show (Wednesdays, 8-9pm EST), which will
air in a couple of weeks and be hosted by NPR's Neal Conan.  Film is needed

The title of this particular episode is "Superstructures," and it will focus
on the "skyscraper height race," a press-hyped issue that I spoke with some
of you structural engineers about at the Traverse City convention.  (The
WASHINGTON POST recently ran a front-page story on a Chicago building that
will soon break height records, so this one's got the press' imagination
stirred and we should take advantage of that...)

What I need from you is to have you contact Elizabeth if you or any of your
member firms own some high-quality footage of animation or real construction
activity, or testing of structures, relating directly to tall
buildings/superstructures.  I have asked for and expect us to get a courtesy
credit line in the segment(s) of our film that they use, though you will
want to reinforce that request and provide a suggested credit line to help
make it happen (eg, "Courtesy of American Consulting Engineers Council").
Be persistent and helpful in getting DISCOVERY to honor this.

By the way, this show is one of a handful of DISCOVERY shows that air in
digital format and actually got its start as a digital radio show on the
internet two years ago.  See it broadcast via RealAudio/RealVideo at  DISCOVERY's digital network has some 3 million
subscribers and has a worldwide reach (eg, Australia, Japan), so this
request seems worth the effort to try to fulfill.

Please cc me on your communication with Ms. Olson.  Thanks.


K. Lee Herring
Director of Public Affairs
American Consulting Engineers Council
Washington, DC
202-347-7474 tel
202-898-0068 fax

--- End Message ---