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Re: Concrete vs. Steel

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I prefer steel to concrete.  It takes less time to design, detail and build
(generally speaking).  Another thing I like about steel, on existing
structures you can see what you have by looking at the beams or columns.  If
you are evaluating an existing concrete structure, you have to trust the
as-built plans (if available) or do extensive tests to find out the amount
of steel in the concrete.

The state that I work in is West Virginia.

Chris Towne

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Subject: Concrete vs. Steel

> Dear fellow structural engineers:
> I have received a request from one of my professors from school.  He has
> been asked by ACI to look into the issue of the use of concrete vs. steel.
> The question has been raised as to whether strucutural engineers are more
> likely to pick steel over concrete, and if so...why?  I can give a fair
> answer for the Detroit area, but they are also looking for input
> So, I would appreciate it if you have any thoughts on the matter.  If you
> have an opinion, then you can respond either to myself or to the list, and
> then I will forward the information onto my professor.  I would also
> appreciate it if you could specific which area of the country (or world)
> you are from so that we can get an idea of "regional" preferences.
> BTW, there is a little bit of a time restraint...I need to get any
> forwarded by Thursday of next week (10/28) at the latest.
> Thanks much,
> Scott
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