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RE: Simplified Plate Analysis

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The 2nd Edition of "Handbook of Concrete Engineering" edited by Mark Fintel talks about a strip method in Chapter 3 , One- and Two-Way Slabs.  It also makes reference to another publication as follows:

Hillerborg,  A Strip Method of Design,  Viewpoint Publications,  Cement and Concrete Association,  London, 1975, 256 pp.

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I've run across a method called the Finite Grid Method (FGM) in a chapter on
mat analysis in Joseph Bowles "Foundation Analysis and Design", 4th Ed.,
McGraw-Hill, 1988. I've never used it.  
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Subject: Simpified Plate Analysis

Is anyone on this list familiar with a simplified 2-D plate analysis method
using orthogonal unit strips?  This method was apparently developed by a
German grad student named Grashoff (sp?) earlier this century.

I'm looking for published material that describes the method and the
background.  You can respond either on the list or to me directly.


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