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RE: galvanized steel with concrete

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I'll give you my favorite answer.  It depends. 
If you are considering corrosion resistance from chlorides, and you have all
galvanized rebar, it is expensive but it is O.K.  If you mix galvanized and
uncoated, you've created a battery and will eat up bar real fast ... N.G.
If the source of corrosion is other chemicals (ex: hydrogen sulfide), be
careful.  Zinc is not inert.
I would look at a lot of other corrosion resistance methods before I would
go to galvanized rebar.  I would especially look at the concrete mix design
itself.  Also consider that epoxy bar is cheaper, and for the most part is
inert.  Take a look at the NACE literature.
Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company 

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Subject: galvanized steel with concrete

Is it true that galvanized steel and concrete don't mix?
Chris Towne