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RE: Office scanner

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OCR is not available in Turbocad Version 6.  The line work for trace
function is highly dependent on the quality of the original.  For good
originals the result is reasonably good.  For weak or poor line work, not
very good.  I use a cheap Mustek 1200 as the scanner (up to legal size
capability, under $100).  As Ian stated for version 4, text does not scan
well at all in version 6.  Would a better scanner produce better results?  I
don't know but I doubt if there would be a significant improvement.

For an inexpensive CAD program, I've been quite happy with Turbocad.  It
allows reading, writing and modification of most file formats including
Autocad 14 .dwg files.  Their technical support via email has been prompt,
concise and helpful.  The documentation is a little light on details.

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA

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	IMSI TurboCad has a routine where you open a scanned image as one
layer and
	tell it to "trace."  It produces a line drawing on another layer.
You can
	proof and edit the line drawing with the scanned image still on the
	and then remove the layer with the scanned image.  I've used this
	details which fit an 8 1/2 x 11 scanner and the biggest losses are
	lettering.  The lettering is not converted to text so each letter is
	composed of a dozen line segments.  I just retype the text and
delete the
	traced text.  The last time I did this was in version 4.  Version 6
is out
	now so this may have been improved.  IMSI may have added OCR by now.