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There's fungus among us.

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Have any of you folks run into this critter (poria-incrassata) in existing 
wood framed structures ? I have inspected some wood framed residential 
foundations for structural damage due to dry rot or fungus of some type. The 
insurance company provided a report from a licensed inspector.  There are all 
sorts of sources and means of attack by this fungus even if the immediate 
area is dry.  I would like to find out if there are companies considered to 
be experts in this field so that we may contact them regarding proper 
identification and treatment.

We know that the moist earth in the underfloor area due to a plumbing leak 
provided the environment for fungus to thrive in one case, and possibly the 
adjacent irrigated planters in other residences.  

We have been advised in other cases when the underfloor area is dry that this 
type of fungus (incrassata) develops a root-like water tube that allows it 
transport water from a remote source to the wood.  

Any information or references regarding this matter will be appreciated.

Regards, Ray Shreenan, S.E.