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RE: Concrete vs. Steel

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If memory serves me (which sometimes it does not), we had a similar debate
(Who is a structural engineer?) on this list awhile back.  

I believe that some of the greatest structural engineers in our past took no
exam and held no license.  Some of our structural engineering colleagues in
other countries are structural engineers upon graduation from college.
There are even some extraordinary structural engineers today that are some
early EERI (Earthquake Engineering Institute) members, practice in
California, are listed in the EERI roster as structural engineers, and they
hold no license.  I would never challenge their right to call themselves
structural engineers.  I am not going to name names, but the point is that
we are not lawyers, and should not get so hung up in semantics.  

This forum is for all structural engineers, and this forum is
"international".  This was Nicole's first contribution to the list.  Let's
give her some slack.

I believe that we have more important issues to discuss like the merits of
VW's and Jimi Hendrix.  Forgive me it's Friday.  Those who are interested
can search the archives for this digression.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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To All P.E.'s out there:

Please accept my apology on my earlier email.  I did not realize that I
could not say I was a structural engineer, EIT, when I am only an EIT.  I
thought it was okay to use the term as long as one said EIT too, I did not
know that I am not suppose to say it at all.  I have a MS in structural
engineering, and 2 years experience, but  I always thought P.E. was the only
reserved title.  I am very sorry if I offended anyone.  I did not intend to
misrepresent myself.  In case anyone is worried, I have NEVER and would
never EVER sign any drawings or legal documents as anything other than
Assistant Engineer.  I just thought this was an informal survey.  Thanks for
pointing it out, I should not use the term loosely.  My question to everyone
though is:  if I pass the Civil Engineering P.E. exam (I have been told that
they don't have a Structural Engineering exam in Pennsylvania anymore), and
I do structural engineering work, am I still not allowed to say I am a
structural engineer because I passed the Civil Engineering P.E.exam instead?
If so, I know a lot of people who are violating that rule.    

Nicole M. Stoudt