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Re: Concrete vs. Steel

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> pointing it out, I should not use the term loosely.  My question to everyone
> though is:  if I pass the Civil Engineering P.E. exam (I have been told that
> they don't have a Structural Engineering exam in Pennsylvania anymore), and
> I do structural engineering work, am I still not allowed to say I am a
> structural engineer because I passed the Civil Engineering P.E.exam instead?
> If so, I know a lot of people who are violating that rule.

It depends on who you're dealing with.  I know a friend whose firm had to change
the title block on their drawings on one specific project from saying "Brand X
Structural Engineers" to "Brand X Structural Engineering" because their chief
engineer only had a P.E., not an S.E., in the state that the job in question was
in (the company employed many people with S.E. registrations in other states).
This change was demanded by the job's plan checker.  He felt that since their
S.E.s were registered in different states, saying "Structural Engineers" was
misrepresentation.  Why he accepted "Structural Engineering" instead is anyone's

Based on your letter, I have almost exactly the same level of credentials and
experience.  I have no problem with informally calling myself a structural
engineer, as that is the job I do.  How it will be received all depends on who
you're dealing with.  Whatever you do, someone will always be offended, so try
not to worry too much.