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RE: Engineering title

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When the question of titles comes up, I always remember what my late father
used to say about titles: "I don't care what they call me, as long as they
call me for dinner.!"  :<)    

The main reason for the engineering act restrictions on title use is to
prevent the public from being deceived that someone has capabilities they
don't. Whether the testing and experience required by the various states
really accomplishes this is probably the subject of another long, boring

Y'all have a nice weekend!

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA

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	It really does depend on what state you are practicing (sp?) in.
Some State
	Boards may allow you to call yourself anything that you want to, but
I know
	out here in California there are specific limitations. Don't mean to
be a
	"stick-in-the-mud" and I certainly don't mean to offend or alarm
you, if I

	Dave Adams

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	Subject: Re:Concrete vs. Steel

	To All P.E.'s out there:

	Please accept my apology on my earlier email.  I did not realize
that I
	could not say I was a structural engineer, EIT, when I am only an
	thought it was okay to use the term as long as one said EIT too, I
did not
	know that I am not suppose to say it at all.  I have a MS in
	engineering, and 2 years experience, but  I always thought P.E. was
the only
	reserved title.  I am very sorry if I offended anyone.  I did not
intend to
	misrepresent myself.  In case anyone is worried, I have NEVER and
	never EVER sign any drawings or legal documents as anything other
	Assistant Engineer.  I just thought this was an informal survey.
Thanks for
	pointing it out, I should not use the term loosely.  My question to
	though is:  if I pass the Civil Engineering P.E. exam (I have been
told that
	they don't have a Structural Engineering exam in Pennsylvania
anymore), and
	I do structural engineering work, am I still not allowed to say I am
	structural engineer because I passed the Civil Engineering P.E.exam
	If so, I know a lot of people who are violating that rule.    

	Nicole M. Stoudt