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Re: Progressive Collapse

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I am currently working on a 4-story Federal Courthouse that requires progressive collapse be taken into consideration at uncontrolled public spaces and the exterior of the building. This criteria was set by the GSA. This was a redesign of some existing structural documents as the previous engineer wanted to much to add exterior CMU and precast to the structure. As a minimum the exterior columns must be able to be removed (blast) for two stories without the upper floors collapsing down. I have no uncontrolled interior spaces. The previous engineer satified the criteria with a verendeel truss concept around the perimeter. A lot of moment connections. I satified the criteria by utilizing the exterior CMU as shear walls and as a secondary load path for gravity by attaching the perimeter beams to the CMU. I eleminated all control joints and plan to let the CMU crack as it will not be exposed. The CMU is reinforced both vert and horz and acts as a deep CMU beam spanning the blast area allowing the occupants to escape.

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Subject: Progressive Collapse
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Does anyone know of a source of information on steel structural systems
designed to prevent progressive collapse?  Our definition in my office is
that those bays and floors that are supported by a column may collapse
should that column be removed or compromised, but not adjacent bays.  Any
other definitions?

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