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RE: Design Codes evolution

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Title: RE: Design Codes evolution

>When the first ASD standards of design  where used in ACI, AISC and AISI?

Date of first AISC Specification: June 1, 1923

>When Ultimate Strength Method was in use in ACI-318?

I can't help you.

>When Plastic Design was introduced in AISC Specifications?

Introduction of plastic design into AISC Specification: April 17, 1963

>When LRFD was in use in AISC, AISI and ACI?

Date of first LRFD Specification: September 1, 1986

>In your opinion the future trend in Design Codes is toward LRFD only and also will ASD specifications be disregarded?

My opinion: LRFD will continue to gradually replace ASD

>Any websites to look on Codes history?

I don't know of any.