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RE: Design Codes evolution

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I'll fill in the concrete section.
>When Ultimate Strength Method was in use in ACI-318? 
It was in the appendix of ACI 318-56 called Ultimate Strength.  In the ACI
318-63 it had the same status as Working Stress design.  In the ACI 318-77
Ultimate Strength became Strength design and the Working Stress method was
shoved into the appendix as the Alternate Design method.
LRFD is just applicable to AISC.
Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company 

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Subject: RE: Design Codes evolution

>When the first ASD standards of design  where used in ACI, AISC and AISI? 

Date of first AISC Specification: June 1, 1923 

>When Ultimate Strength Method was in use in ACI-318? 

I can't help you. 

>When Plastic Design was introduced in AISC Specifications? 

Introduction of plastic design into AISC Specification: April 17, 1963 

>When LRFD was in use in AISC, AISI and ACI? 

Date of first LRFD Specification: September 1, 1986 

>In your opinion the future trend in Design Codes is toward LRFD only and
also will ASD specifications be disregarded? 

My opinion: LRFD will continue to gradually replace ASD 

>Any websites to look on Codes history? 

I don't know of any.