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RE: Engineering Title

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I find this whole thread interesting and incredible.  If we were doctors,
all we need is the MD and you can call yourself anything you want.  Board
certification in specialties is optional in most jurisdictions.  Yes a
proctologist can list himself as a podiatrist (for those with tender toes).

We should treat ourselves and be treated by our state boards as
professionals.  As professionals, WE are the ones who need to know our
limitations.  I frankly can't see a seasoned nuclear engineer doing wood
framed residential regardless of what any state board says.

I guess the bottom line is that physicians have a better union (AMA).

Was Jimi Hendrix a rock and roll musician or an electric blues musician.
I'll call the state board this afternoon to get a determination.

Harold Sprague, Emperor
The Neenan Company

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You have to be careful what title you choose so you don't offend anybody. I 
am a licensed engineer with a civil in California and a structural in
I graduated from college with a "Bachelor Degree in Architectural 

I mainly do structural engineering and for a time I used the title 
"Architectural Engineer" so as not to be confused with doing civil work
being the title given to me on my diploma). I was rudely informed by the 
Architectural Licensing Board that I could not use the title "Architectural 
Engineer" because I was not a licensed architect. I tried to explain to them

that the word "Architectural" is an adjective and not a noun, the key word 
being "engineer" in this context. The board would not listen to reason so I 
had to change my stationary and telephone listing.

When I got my structural license in Hawaii I thought it would help matters
list my business in th yellow pages under "Structural Engineers" with the 
clarification that I was civil licensed in Cal. and structural licensed in 
Hi. This, of coarse, incurred the wrath of the California structural 
engineers because I was not licensed as structural in California. this time 
all I had to do is move my listing to the obscure catagory of "Professional 

I guess my point is there are a lot of bare feet out there and you have to
nimble not to step on a few toes.