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RE: Engineering Title

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I wonder what Michael Jackson would be classified as, Martian ?

You are the man Harold. Your post here and in Modern Steel Construction are
great. Keep it up.

Gerard Madden, P.E. (Peion Engineer)
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CRJ Associates, Inc.
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> Sent:	Tuesday, October 26, 1999 12:07 PM
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> Subject:	RE: Engineering Title
> I find this whole thread interesting and incredible.  If we were doctors,
> all we need is the MD and you can call yourself anything you want.  Board
> certification in specialties is optional in most jurisdictions.  Yes a
> proctologist can list himself as a podiatrist (for those with tender
> toes).
> We should treat ourselves and be treated by our state boards as
> professionals.  As professionals, WE are the ones who need to know our
> limitations.  I frankly can't see a seasoned nuclear engineer doing wood
> framed residential regardless of what any state board says.
> I guess the bottom line is that physicians have a better union (AMA).
> Was Jimi Hendrix a rock and roll musician or an electric blues musician.
> I'll call the state board this afternoon to get a determination.
> Regards,
> Harold Sprague, Emperor
> The Neenan Company
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> Subject: RE: Engineering Title
> You have to be careful what title you choose so you don't offend anybody.
> I 
> am a licensed engineer with a civil in California and a structural in
> Hawaii. 
> I graduated from college with a "Bachelor Degree in Architectural 
> Engineering".
> I mainly do structural engineering and for a time I used the title 
> "Architectural Engineer" so as not to be confused with doing civil work
> (that 
> being the title given to me on my diploma). I was rudely informed by the 
> Architectural Licensing Board that I could not use the title
> "Architectural 
> Engineer" because I was not a licensed architect. I tried to explain to
> them
> that the word "Architectural" is an adjective and not a noun, the key word
> being "engineer" in this context. The board would not listen to reason so
> I 
> had to change my stationary and telephone listing.
> When I got my structural license in Hawaii I thought it would help matters
> to 
> list my business in th yellow pages under "Structural Engineers" with the 
> clarification that I was civil licensed in Cal. and structural licensed in
> Hi. This, of coarse, incurred the wrath of the California structural 
> engineers because I was not licensed as structural in California. this
> time 
> all I had to do is move my listing to the obscure catagory of
> "Professional 
> Engineers".
> I guess my point is there are a lot of bare feet out there and you have to
> be 
> nimble not to step on a few toes.