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Progressive Collapse

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Dear Marc:
I did not go to much in detail when I posted my first e-mail to you. I was 
just mentioning some guidelines from GSA. Anyway, to answer your question, I 
have to emphasize that there is a lot of engineering judgement and planning 
during blast design ( I am assuming that this is your case). So, you have to 
do determine your areas of possible location of threats ( normally due to 
terrorist attack)., which in some case are "not only" at the building 
perimeter. Sometimes you have basement with important rooms such as mail 
rooms ( where you can receive a mail bomb) which are in the middle of the 
space, then in this case you also have to determine how to control the damage 
propagation to the rest of the building from a mail-bomb. One option could be 
to use a non-bearing concrete  wall to accomplish this, because it protects 
people from the explosion and in case it collapses, the floor above does not 
As you can see, there is a lot of different scenarios and there is not such a 
single set of rules. You have to analyze case by case. There is a lot of 
coordination and planning to do to capture all possible scenarios.

One last important advise is that the use of parallel frames ( 2 lines of 
defense or redundancy) will help you to stop the damage propagation.

One more time, have fun and good luck.

If you need more specific help, you can contact me at ( 213) 742-8880

Juan Carlos Esquivel, SE