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RE: Architectural Engineering Degree

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<  Does it mean that when designing a building, all you need is an
Engineer?  >
This can happen if the individual is licensed as an architect and engineer.
In addition, the person must be proficient in all aspects of engineering.  I
would be inclined to rely on the discipline specialists because, in my
opinion, these professionals will have expertise above and beyond what one
individual can supply.
<  No more need for a CE or SE, ME, EE, Sanitary, and other engineering
professions?  >
Yes, there is a dire need for all professions.  If such a person exists as
described above, can this person also produce a building package in an
efficient manner with a tight deadline?  I think this is highly unlikely,
but if this person exists, I would like to meet him/her.  A few classes in
surveying does not qualify me to be a surveyor.  Classwork plus years of
experience and registration qualifies a person to be a surveyor ... and this
is the person I want on my project.  Same goes for the geotechnical,
mechanical, acoustical, electrical, plumbing, and all other engineers.  The
AE can understand each discipline and perform their job efficiently because
they know how what they do affects others.
<  Can the Architectural Engineer sign and seal the plans and design
calculations?  >
Yes, if this person is licensed to do so.
<  If not, what is the role of the Architectural Engineer in the
design team?  >
My specialty is building structures.  I am also a licensed professional
engineer.  I would only seal structural plans created by me or under my
direct supervision.  The local jurisdiction has complete guidelines on what
a licensed engineer can do for your project.  However, with an Architectural
Engineering background, building systems coordination can be more readily
accomplished by giving me a set of plans for all systems.  I can read the
blueprints and understand how these systems interact with the structure.
Also, solutions to systems conflicts can be suggested by the AE graduate.

William J. Keil, P.E.