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Rules for submitting software, spreadsheets, and Mathcad files to SEAOC for posting.

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Anyone wishing to submit software must obey the following rules, WITHOUT

1 - It must be self-contained software (EXE file) or an Excel spreadsheet or
a Mathcad document.

2 - It must not be crippled in any way or contain advertising for upgrades
or other products.

3 - It must be freeware, not shareware or other commercial product.

4 - It must be submitted as an executable ZIP file prepared with Winzip Self
Extractor. Regular executables, XLS files or MCD files will
simply be deleted! I do not have time to prepare files for posting.

5 - I will not respond to e-mails asking questions about how to do this. If
you are smart enough to write software, you should be able to figure all
this out by yourself.

6 - Send your submittal with a 60 word or less description. It will be
posted without editing so if you don't want to appear illiterate, check your
grammar and spelling!

7 - Send the e-mail to MarkD(--nospam--at) The SUBJECT line MUST begin with
the words SEAOC POSTING. If not, the e-mail will be deleted and you will not
be notified.

8 - Include an e-mail address. You must be willing to answer questions about
your product so I suggest that you include enough information to explain the
variables and an example problem.

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Subject: Submitting Spreadsheets, Mathcad to SEAINT and SEAOC for

Paul and everyone interested,
Send your software donations (no commercial software please) to Mark
Deardorff at MarkD(--nospam--at) Mark is the Computer Applications Chair of
SEAOC and maintains this website. He can post them. Please be sure to
a short discription of each file so that Mark can add the description of
is available.
I tried to locate the download site on the SEAINT web page yesterday and
could not find it except by direct address which I received from Shafat.
However, Mark has a dedicated page on the SEAOC website where the files can
be found (

Dennis S. Wish PE

>From Paul Reilly

I have some thrifty spreadsheet (xcel) samples that I would like to post
to the 'SEAOC Software Depository', but I have not been able to identify
the depository in the site.  Any links appreciated.

Paul Reilly