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RE: Engineering Title

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Dear Mark & Bill Cain
Thanks for your reminding. Of course I read the code! Actually I think misunderstanding in engineering titles especially for people other than engineers is caused by code definitions. How do the employers call for a non-registered civil engineer in their job openings ads? (Answer: Civil Engineer!) How do they call for a registered one? (Answer: Civil Engineer who has PE or SE!) SO what I'm going to say is that everybody who has a Civil Eng. degree, is a Civil Eng.. But he or she can't practice Civil Eng. unless he or she gets a PE and becomes Registered Civil Eng. Please let me know if I'm right or wrong, not according to code, but based upon your personal judgment. I know that anyway we should obey the code definitions and regulations.

Frank, MSCE, PE

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The Professional Engineers Act in the California Business & Professions Code

6732.  It is unlawful for anyone other than a professional engineer
licensed under this chapter to stamp or seal any plans,
specifications, plats, reports, or other documents with the seal or
stamp of a professional engineer, or in any manner, use the title
"professional engineer," "licensed engineer," "registered engineer,"
or "consulting engineer," or any of the following branch titles:
"agricultural engineer," "chemical engineer," "civil engineer",
"control system engineer," "electrical engineer," "fire protection
engineer," "industrial engineer," "manufacturing engineer,"
"mechanical engineer," "metallurgical engineer," "nuclear engineer,"
"petroleum engineer," or "traffic engineer," or any combination of
these words and phrases or abbreviations thereof unless licensed
under this chapter.

6734.  Any person practices civil engineering when he professes to
be a civil engineer or is in responsible charge of civil engineering

6736.  No person shall use the title, "structural engineer," unless
he is a registered civil engineer in this State and, furthermore,
unless he has been found qualified as a structural engineer according
to the rules and regulations established therefor by the board.

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