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Knowing It All

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> The architect's knowledge of structure has decreased
> dramatically within the past 30 years.

Is this truly as "nefarious" as it sounds?

For the most part, the knowledge level of MOST professionals of any stripe
has "decreased" within the past 30, 40, 50 years or more.

For example, there used to be essentially "physicians," M.D.s that treated
the ill. There were always SPECIALISTS, but they were just that: "special."

Now, virtually EVERY M.D. is a "specialist" of one type or another; even
your generic "general practitioner" is a specialist in "family medicine".

Simply put, the breadth of knowledge in ANY discipline you examine has
expanded so very much, it is no longer practical to be a rank "generalist"
any longer.

In other words, the amount of "stuff" we need to know has increased, but our
capacity as individuals to encompass it all has stayed the same.

Of course, you could argue that educational methods have not kept up--even
digressed--but that is another discussion.