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Harbour Cay Condominium Collapse

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According to the June 18, 1981 ENR article, the March 27, 1981 collapse was caused by a lot of factors.  The drawings and inspection were to be done by a retired NASA structural engineer who hired another one to do the calcs.  The former signed the calcs.
The calcs:
  - did not include punching shear, construction loads, equivalent frame effects, slenderness of columns, and slab deflections.
  - errors include dead weight(like including masonry wall weight), lateral sway, live loads and columns sizes.  The actual columns were smaller than design.  
  - the calcs were not checked except for "approach"

Construction problems were:
  - slab thicknesses were 1/2" too thin
  - the forms were removed at 56% of design strength
  - but the structure would have collapsed anyway
  - there were spiderweb cracks around the columns which were reported, but the engineer's review of his own calcs was satisfactory.

11 construction workers were killed.

By the way, the Hyatt Regency collapse was caused by an approved "construction change" to the rods holding the walkways.  From a conversation with someone who knew the engineer, the change was not actually approved directly by him, but he was the EOR. 

Glenn Otto, P.E.
Virginia Beach, VA