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Re: Simpified Plate Analysis

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Here's another reference that goes into quite a lot of detail on the 'Strip

R. Park and W. L. Gamble, REINFORCED CONCRETE SLABS, John Wiley and Sons,
NY, NY, 1980.

Although the information is presented in the context of concrete slabs, the
analysis method is independent of the plate material.  The basic concept of
the Strip Method is quite simple and is often used intuitively by many
engineers without realizing the method has been formally developed.

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At 09:59 AM 22-10-1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Is anyone on this list familiar with a simplified 2-D plate analysis method
>using orthogonal unit strips?  This method was apparently developed by a
>German grad student named Grashoff (sp?) earlier this century.
>I'm looking for published material that describes the method and the
>background.  You can respond either on the list or to me directly.
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