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#2 pencil

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The equivalent of #2 lead is HB.

Engr. Alfonso S. Quilala Jr. , P.E.

I'm taking the PE exam tomorrow (Oct 29th) and I am already stumped on the
first question:  What is a #2 pencil?

The exam requires a #2 pencil for filling in the bubbles for the multiple
choice questions.  I've always used a mechanical pencil with different
weights on all of my previous exams, with no problems.  

Does anyone know what lead weight is equivalent (or better) than the #2
lead?  Does the lead weight really matter to the scanning system?

I'd like to use a mechanical pencil instead of the ol' wooden pencil.  I
like chewing on the plastic instead of wood when I'm under stress. :)

John Connor (P.E.Wanna.B)