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Re: Suggestted Modification to List FAQ

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I normally reserve my comments for technical issues, but...

I believe that I know why this change was proposed.  However, I 
suggest that the change is too far-reaching.  Please note the 
following definitions of "politics" taken from the Second College 
Edition of the American Heritage Dictionary:

1. The art or science of government; political science.

2. The activities or affairs of a government, politician, or 
political party.

3a. The conducting of or engaging in political affairs, often 

3b. The business, activities, or profession of a person so involved.

4. The methods or tactics involved in managing a state or government.

5. Intrigue or maneuvering within a group.

6. A person's general position or attitude on political subjects.

It appears that one person objects to definition 6.  However, many of 
our technical (especially code-related) and business-related threads 
fall under definitions 5, 3, and 1.  It seems odd that we can discuss 
these items but not joke about them (if all joking is not forbidden). 
Since many aspects of our professional activity are somewhat 
political (according to the above definitions), perhaps we should 
adopt a somewhat less totalitarian view of this list service.  (Or we 
could all pass our messages through the complainant so that they can 
be appropriately censored.)


> Date:          Thu, 28 Oct 1999 14:25:59 -0700
> From:          Shafat Qazi <seaint-ad(--nospam--at)>
> Subject:       Suggestted Modification to List FAQ
> Also, a change to one of the questions has been proposed. The purpose of 
> the change is to ban political discussions. Please review this question and 
> let me know how you feel. Notice the all caps word is the only change. So, 
> please limit your comments to that portion of rule.
> 23. Can I post a joke to the list?
> This list server is intended to focus on the Structural engineering issues. 
> Normally, the jokes are NOT welcome by members. However, an occasional joke 
> relating engineers are allowed, provided the content is not regarding 
> POLITICS, race, religion or ethnicity. If your email is found inappropriate 
> by the administrator, you will be warned and may be suspended from the list.]