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FW: Bracing the compression flange on steel beam?

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The tension flange of a beam would normally not need bracing for it's own
stability, but in order to brace a compression element, the tension flange
should be properly supported.  Adding a stiffener on an otherwise unbraced
beam does not change the unbraced length unless lateral movement or rotation
is prevented.

If the tension flange is supported, a less than full height stiffener can
brace the compression flange is the web is sufficiency stiff in bending.

Curt La Count
Jacobs Engineering
Portland, OR

From: Andy Costello
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Bracing the compression flange on steel beam?
Date: Friday, October 29, 1999 6:14AM

How about a technical question, for a change.
Is a lateral brace that is attached from the tension flange
to half way up the web considered an effective brace?
Some would say that the stiffness of the web can support its comp flange,
and keep the beam section from twisting, hence Lc reduced.
I have some references but still not clear, your option is appreciated.