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RE: Suggestted Modification to List FAQ

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I don't think Buchanan is a Fascist (except in the strict sense of the term,
which no one pays attention to anymore), but if you said so, it wouldn't bug
me too much.

I agree about "abusive" posts (race, religion, etc.) but I have seen NONE of
that here.

My experience is that most professional people act with decorum, and though
you'll have a few exceptions with which you might have to deal, by and large
it is edifying to have a more open discussion.

BTW, I think those who've brought MY name up ignore the fact that 95% of
everything I say is structural engineering-related. It's the 5% that bugs
'em, and I simply have a hard time with that concept.

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> Lets stick to engineering. If I called Pat Buchanan a facist
> we'd be at
> each other's throats again, because one person's thoughtless abuse is
> another's frank honesty.