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List Rule 23

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"Again, we let the minority opinion dictate the policies and practices of the 
whole.  The loudest whiners win.  To me this is wrong.  I think we should
allow anything which does not directly abuse a person on this list.  A 
politician is a public figure and open to public comments.  Belittling a 
race, religion or ethnicity is different because these groups have no control 
over the public atmosphere and labels groups as a whole.  A Clinton joke is 
different because he is an individual public figure who puts himself out in 
the public for public scrutiny.

     Since you don't consider it appropriate for this forum to have a theme, 
I guess you won't mind if I use it to communicate with my family, and perhaps 
post pictures of my children.  Or I could get all my friends to subscribe, we 
could use it as a pool for all our common communications, joke swapping, 
pictures and videos.
     If this list does not remain somewhat focused on structural engineering, 
then I'm outta here.  You win.  To you, this is just whining.  To me, it is a 
practical matter . . . I don't like sorting through the nonsense, there are 
plenty of other forums for jokes, etcetera.
     I consider you to be the whiner, wanting his way even if it doesn't make 
any sense.
     Just my minority opinion.

John P. Riley, SE
Riley Engineering
Blue Grass, Iowa