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Re: List Rule 23

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>      If this list does not remain somewhat focused on structural engineering,
> then I'm outta here.  You win.  To you, this is just whining.  To me, it is a
> practical matter . . . I don't like sorting through the nonsense, there are
> plenty of other forums for jokes, etcetera.

I think that Bill had a good point a while back, though.  I typically delete about 90% of the mail
from this list without reading it, because, while it is purely structurally related, it is not germane
to my work, is of little interest to me, or is the 10th message in a thread that I have grown tired of
already.  If this number rises to 90.1% because of a few jokes, my delete key will barely know the
difference.  I hate to sound too sarcastic, but has anyone noticed that whenever this list goes into a
discussion of its rules or of proper conduct that it generates about 30 times as many pointless
discussion messages as there were religious/political/personal messages to begin with?  If you feel
that one non-engineering message was a waste of space, you immediately double the problem by emailing
a comment on it.  Why not save the battle for when a problem exists?  Rules discussions and "remove me
from the list" messages aside, this list still seems to be about 99.5% engineering related.  I don't
see a problem yet.