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RE: Suggested Modification to List FAQ

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Not to beat this into the ground any more than we already have, but...

I do think that there are very few forums out there that can provide a place
to share ideas and discuss concepts directly related to structural
engineering. I can roll with a good joke just as easily as the next guy and
am rarely offended by anything. However, in light of the fact that we are
all professionals and that this server is specifically dedicated to the
discussion of structural engineering topics and ideas, I think that we
should try to keep it at that. Not to mention that fact that many of us work
in offices that monitor incoming e-mail. Employers may not like the number
of non-work related e-mails coming into the office (especially jokes). In
addition, some of us have a limited amount of memory to store e-mails and do
not want our in-boxes loaded up with anything not pertaining to work. There
are plenty of other forums that are more appropriate for joke telling.

There, now you have my two-cents on the topic of discussion (not that
anybody asked for it)...

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> >A Clinton joke is
> >different because he is an individual public figure who puts himself out
> in
> >the public for public scrutiny.
> Lets stick to engineering. If I called Pat Buchanan a facist we'd be at 
> each other's throats again, because one person's thoughtless abuse is 
> another's frank honesty. With Jesse (the Mouth) Ventura as our governor, 
> I see it first hand from both sides of the counter. Better to leave such 
> matters for bar brawling.
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